Sunday, September 6, 2015

A Day Fit for a Klutz

This morning, I reached into the fridge and grabbed a 3-quart bowl filled with watermelon, but it slipped out of my hands and landed on the floor. Watermelon went everywhere. Juice splattered across the kitchen floor and all over the sliding door, and the bowl, a wedding present made of recycled melamine, cracked. I stood there in disbelief for a good 10 seconds before proceeding to clean up the mess.

That was klutzy move number 1. Later in the day, I managed to drop a glass jar of tomato sauce from a height of about four feet. As it was falling, I closed my eyes and braced myself for disaster. When I opened them to survey the damage, I was shocked to find the jar laying on the ground, completely unscathed. I was overjoyed, although the increase in heart rate still made it a stressful ordeal.

Do you ever have days like that? When you feel like you're just minutes away from your next blunder?


  1. Anonymous9/06/2015

    Being a klutz was a pregnancy symptom for me!!! Might better get a test!

  2. Anonymous9/06/2015

    I can relate! Tank goodness the tomato sauce jar didn't break!

  3. Anonymous9/07/2015

    OH no!!! sad :-( can you glue it??
    and yes one day last week I was like that!! no fun right :-)

    Did you attend Amy Duggars wedding?

    1. Don't think glue is going to fix this blunder :( Oh well!


    2. Anonymous9/08/2015

      Aww to bad :-(

  4. Karine Sheehy9/07/2015

    You must be pregnant!! That's when that kind of day happens to me anyway!! ;)

  5. Anonymous9/08/2015

    Hey there!!! I think we all can have these day or at least i can!!;)...But anyway was wondering if u know the Willis family personally?? and if so how did u get to know them??:) I would love to meet and get to know them!!;) what would be a good way to do that?? they look like a great family to hang out with!!!:)

  6. Anonymous9/08/2015

    At least you didn't cut your foot. The bowl is cute. Maybe you can find another on bowl somewhere to replace it.

  7. Anonymous9/08/2015

    i had one of those days the other day to and i got kinda mad..... no fun!!! :(

  8. godly-young-widow9/09/2015

    Glad I'm not the only one who's a klutz! I've just learned how NOT to do some things, or to give myself time. BTW, it's not always a pregnancy thing, lol. Thanks for sharing

  9. Anonymous9/10/2015

    As a mother of four boys, I experience that just about every single day. At first it drove me nuts. As time passes it started to grow on me. You get used to the "mess" and try not to freak out or get mad. Instead, I now just sigh...and say..ok, lets clean it up. From shear tiredness I recently dropped a glass bowl in the sink, and it broke into several pieces. I was happy I didn't drop it on the ground near my flip flop wearing feet. Nonetheless, God is good and His mercies are new each and every day. Praise Him for All His goodness to protect and keep us from harm. Amen

  10. Anonymous9/12/2015

    I think all of us have those days sometimes. At least, I know I do.

  11. Dear Ellie,

    Yesterday I was out bringing the washing in - folding as I went only to have the basket fall into the dirt and prickles. I was reminded about your post I had read earlier in the day. Thankfully by the grace of God we can laugh about these trials. Even in the little things it is important not to have a spirit of anger but laughter. Thanks for being an encouraging woman of faith Ellie. You are in my prayers.

  12. Anonymous9/12/2015

    Oh yes, I have those clumsy days alright...but mine seem to happen right before my "time" of the month.

  13. Anonymous9/14/2015

    You must be pregnant.

  14. Anonymous9/22/2015

    I believe when people have klutzy days, that maybe they are tired and their reflexes are slow??