Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Feeling Festive For Fall?

This week I have been nannying for one of my husband's coworkers, whose regular childcare provider is recovering from surgery. She has twins who are two years old (a boy and a girl), and although they have their moments (like all kids), they are usually quick to obey.

The children's mom is one of those gals who goes all out with fall decorations. I admit that our house hardly has any fall decorations, although I was feeling festive on a recent shopping trip to Trader Joe's and bought several pumpkin flavored snacks. The pumpkin granola bars were delicious, but the pumpkin flavored Cheerios were quite strange.

This sign is one of the fall decorations I came while nannying. I thought you all would get a kick out of it. Do you enjoy decorating for fall?


  1. Anonymous10/27/2015

    I got a flyer delivery job to make some extra cash and I loved seeing the decorations on some entry ways to houses. I did not care for the Halloween themes that included things that are scary. However some homes used cute scare crows, and there were some pumpkins and squash and some wreaths. Seeing this would have been fun!

  2. Anonymous10/27/2015

    Bring it on, 'Thanksgiving' season is upon y'all!

  3. Anonymous10/27/2015

    HaHa!! Cute sign :-)

    Yes, we enjoy decorating for fall......we already took that down however and put up Thanksgiving decoration :-)

  4. Shela G10/27/2015

    We do not decorate much for fall but really enjoy going all out for the Christmas season. I have also been feeling festive and enjoying the change in seasons.

  5. Anonymous10/27/2015

    Cute! I do like to decorate but you have to put all away in a few months. That is a VERY different story...

  6. Anonymous10/27/2015

    I recently baked some pumpkin muffins using raw pumpkin puree. They're delish with a bit of cream cheese on top

  7. Anonymous10/28/2015

    Yes we decorate for fall

  8. Anonymous10/28/2015

    Haha, that's hilarious! I've noticed a lot of people don't like pumpkin, but realized it's probably just that strong spice that's in there most of the time. We make our pumpkin desserts with just a little cinnamon and some vanilla, which gives it a mild flavor--almost like a custard/pumpkin. Your sign is really cute! I love decorating for fall. Using little, dry branches, fall leaves and fall produce is the best:)

  9. Anonymous10/29/2015

    Yes I decorate for fall but it is all Halloween stuff. I also carve pumpkins with my grown son!

  10. Anonymous10/30/2015

    Hey Ellie! I've been reading this blog and I really enjoy it! Two questions that I have, if you don't mind me asking, do you wear pants, skirts, or both? What are your modesty standards? I noticed in your wedding picture that you had a higher neckline, though it was see-through. I didn't know if you had a higher neckline because you though it was cute, or because you felt it more modest...just curious. :-D <3

    ~ Aiyanna Smith

    1. Hi Aiyanna,

      Glad to hear you are enjoying my blog! My modesty standards are very conservative. (Sometimes that makes clothing shopping difficult, so I usually end up wearing tank tops under my shirts.)

      I had a few alterations made to my wedding dress to make it more modest and was very happy with the way it turned out. The bodice was nice and snug.


  11. Anonymous10/31/2015

    I do decorate for Autumn and Halloween. Ellie love your pumpkin display.

  12. I do not decorate for fall nor anything else ;)
    If I did I would avoid any association with halloween. Over here in Europe it's gaining popularity, but I don't understand why. What is funny about such scary things?