Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Date Night at the Opryland Hotel

Since the Christmas season began, I have been dropping hints to Mr. Handsome about my strong desire to spend an evening walking around the impressive Gaylord Opryland Hotel, so that's what we did on Saturday night.

Built in 1977, the Gaylord Opryland Hotel boasts nearly 3,000 guest rooms and is the largest non-gaming hotel in the continental United States. We have never spent the night, but we have been several times to walk around the three beautiful atriums, which cover nine acres and contain approximately 50,000 plants.

It ended up taking us an hour to exit the interstate, which we later found out was due to a showing of The Grinch at the Grand Ole Opry. Then we went to a frozen yogurt shop inside the hotel and ended up paying $20 for two servings. Thankfully, the spectacular Christmas lights were well worth it!


  1. Shela G12/16/2015

    Sounds like a great date night!! I think it is wonderful that you and Mr Handsome make a point to set aside special time to be together. Keep it up.

  2. Anonymous12/16/2015

    They really do get you with those high prices. If you want to do something holiday related without busting the bank then go see a holiday play from a local community theatre, church, or dance studio. Their performances are often free or only a few dollars. I saw "A Christmas Carol" performed by a church group. It was good and put me in a happy holiday mood.

    1. I like that idea. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Anonymous12/16/2015

    Awww, glad you could go. Wow, sounds impressive! ...and that tree behind you!

  4. Anonymous12/18/2015

    Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, but you children can't go back there. Nice place you went to though, how would you like to be the ones to keep it?