Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mr. Handsome Unveils a Surprise

Last week, we transported all of our belongings to our rental home in Tennessee so we can move in after the honeymoon. We were blessed to have Mr. Handsome's parents and siblings make the trip with us to help. Who needs to hire a moving crew when you are marrying a man with seven siblings, a 15-passenger van, and a large trailer?

Mr. Handsome lived away from home for four years while he was in dental school, so he has a table, couch, bed, dresser, and desk that are in great condition. Being a female, I was greatly concerned because my dresser (from childhood) is made of light wood, and Mr. Handsome's is made of dark wood.

I spent two days thinking about how awful our bedroom would look with two dressers that are not even remotely the same color, but my wonderful fiancé came up with a quick solution. He surprised me by refinishing his great-grandmother's antique dresser to match his dresser. I wish I had taken a picture of the dresser beforehand. All of the handles were broken, and there were water stains on the wood. After Mr. Handsome worked his magic, the dresser looked brand new.