Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Interview with Singer/Songwriter Sommer Floyd

I had the pleasure of chatting with up-and-coming singer/songwriter Sommer Floyd. Her debut album, "Ray of Light," was recorded at the famed Dark Horse Recording Studio with multi-Dove-award-winning producer Steven V. Taylor and is set to release in May.

Growing up, Sommer had it all. An accomplished athlete and honor roll student, she was the girl everyone wanted to be. In her high school and college years, a string of poor choices--one of which led to the out-of-wedlock conception of her daughter Heidi--left Sommer feeling completely broken.

In the interview below, Sommer shares how she found healing and how she hopes to use her story to reach out to others through music.


  1. Anonymous4/27/2016

    I thought that all children were blessings and like flowers, you can't have enough. Now they're the result of "poor choices"?

    "Really disappointing, and I felt very ashamed." How would you like to be Heidi someday and hear your mother talk about you like that? No child deserves to hear that. Even with the part about being "redeemed," it still comes across as very hurtful. Yet she says she is all about helping children who are hurting.

  2. Anonymous4/27/2016

    Thank-you for another interesting interview to Sommer and Ellie and Ellie's niece. I went to the rest of the internet to find Sommer's webpage and she is not the only young, blonde, S. F. out there. I did find her webpage though thanks to Ellie saying the exact title. But it is not finished yet. Thanks for the interview to get her story and I am looking forward to hearing her sing soon!

  3. Great interview Ellie, thanks for sharing!

  4. Anonymous4/28/2016

    I am very hurt by that ''poor choice'' comment about her daughter. My daughter was born out of wedlock, after 5 years of relationship with her dad. We had her because we loved each other, we knew each other so well and we wanted to build a family together. We knew what we were doing. We were ready. She was not a poor choice, and I am far from ashamed. We are married now, but I don't think my daughter should be seen in a different way than the babies we will have later just because she was born before the marriage.

    Some babies are surprises, but they never are a poor choice or a mistake. And they should never be seen as a source of embarrasment. My heart breaks for Heidi who will see this video some day.

    1. Anonymous4/29/2016

      I totally agree. I can't believe anyone would go on camera and say such a thing about their own child. Is this what her religion tells her to do, to feel guilty like that the rest of her life and to say those heartbreaking things? Oh my. Forgive yourself, Sommer, and don't hold your child up as some sort of example for others of what not to do.

    2. Anonymous5/03/2016

      Sommer didn't say Hedi was a bad choice but the way she conceived Hedi.

  5. Anonymous4/29/2016

    I think people struggle with a sense of identity for various reasons, however we need a paradigm shift to see the Lord Jesus as our Redeemer. He starts and finishes us. We all are made complete in Him.

  6. Anonymous4/30/2016

    I think its great that she kept Hedi its so sad how people just kill their babies these days.