Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gift Ideas for Musicians

 Mr. Handsome and me in 2013 (scroll down to find out where this photo was taken)

What did you think of Mr. Handsome's "Gift Ideas for Your Outdoorsman" guest post? (Click here to read.) Well he has one more to share with y'all.

As you have seen from his YouTube videos ("Silent Night" on guitar, "Away in a Manger" on guitar, "Flash Flood" on banjo, "Come Thou Fount" on guitar, and "Amazing Grace" on an antique violin from the 1700s) he is quite musical. So that's how he came up with the idea for this post:

Gift Ideas for the Musician in Your Life

Do you know anyone who enjoys playing music? Does a list of quick and easy gift ideas for musicians sound like music to your ears? These ideas are sure to speed up the tempo of your holiday shopping.

Every musician I have ever known (including myself) has trouble keeping track of tuners. You can buy a simple one that just does tuning or a complex one that has a metronome and different settings for tuning different instruments. If he’s technologically savvy, purchase a tuning app for his smart phone.

Engraved guitar strap (or other instrument strap):
A local leather worker should be able to make an awesome leather instrument strap with your musician's name engraved in it, or you can order one online. A personalized instrument strap is something she will cherish every time she sits down to practice.

Band merch:
Does your music enthusiast have a favorite band? (I can probably guess the answer to that question...) Most bands have shirts, hats, scarves, and other merchandise that any fan will love.

Music lessons:
If your musician is a beginner or intermediate, she will appreciate a gift that helps her improve her craft. In-person music lessons from a local musician are always great, but in the age of the internet, students can also earn from the comfort of their home. For example, a subscription to would make a great gift. For $30 a month, she can watch videos of some of the greatest musicians in the world and learn their tricks of the trade.

Concert tickets:
Concerts can be quite expensive, but if your musician's favorite band is coming to town and tickets are within your budget, it is sure to be a night he will always remember.

Musicians like good music, but they like to listen to their music through good speakers. Speakers come in all levels of quality and price. (Visit your local music shop or electronics store for more information.)

Studio monitors give the best quality sound and truest representation of what the artist recorded. (KRK speakers are a great option.) You have to be decently tech savvy to set them up, but with a little patience and research, you'll be able to figure it out. If your musician enjoys listening to music through an iPod or mp3 player, high quality studio headphones would also make a great gift.

You have probably already thought of this, but a CD of your musician's favorite band is always a great option. If you don’t know what bands she likes, just purchase a gift card to iTunes or Spotify.

If your musician is an aspiring professional musician in Nashville, he is probably struggling just to get by. So buy him some food, or treat him to dinner. (Okay, that's a joke, but honestly, anyone would enjoy a nice meal at their favorite restaurant.)

Do you have other great gift ideas for musicians? Let us know in the comment section below.

If you're wondering where the above photo came from, it's a throwback to 2013 (before we were engaged). Through mutual friends, we were able to visit the Lucas Mansion, an estate located in Carmel, Indiana, and owned by Forrest Lucas (Lucas Oil products, Inc., founder and owner of the naming rights to the Indiana Colts' Lucas Oil Stadium). We took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.


  1. These are great ideas Ellie. My youngest daughter plays the ukelele and her absolute favorite group is Twenty-one Pilots. She would love to see them in person. Thanks for these great suggestions!

    1. Our pleasure. Glad the post was helpful for you, Regina! :)


  2. Anonymous12/18/2016

    What r u asking for for Christmas?

    1. The only things I asked for are hiking boots and a glue gun. (I'm what you call a practical person. LOL.)


    2. What did you ask for?

  3. Anonymous12/18/2016

    Is their gonna b a family baby announcement for Christmas?

  4. All I want for Christmas is Starbucks or yarn for crocheting. I'm practical too. I think I always have been. I remember one year all I wanted once an iron because my old one had broke and another year I wanted an electric knife.

    1. Sounds like you're a lot like me. The only specific presents I asked for this year were a pair of hiking boots and a glue gun. My mother-in-law is getting me the hiking boots, and I think my mom is getting me the glue gun. Lol.


  5. Anonymous12/20/2016

    Can you do "ideas for chefs"? Please.

  6. Ellie,
    I know this is off topic but...what movies do you like? Will you watch Rogue One? I saw it yesterday and really liked it:-) I'm a teenager who really enjoys
    your blog. Thanks for all the work you put into it!