Friday, June 9, 2017

Our Visit to Belle Meade

Just came across some photos from earlier this spring that I never shared. In April, one of Mr. Handsome's closest friends came to Nashville for a visit, and he requested a trip to the famous Belle Meade farm, established in 1807. I absolutely love visiting historical sites and had wanted to tour Belle Meade since before we moved to Nashville.

We walked through the main house and then stopped by all the outbuildings, including a circa 1870 dollhouse, where several generations of Harding-Jackson children played. How I would have loved a life-sized dollhouse as a child!

The folks who build Belle Meade did so through thoroughbred horse breeding. In fact, most of the winners of the Kentucky Derby can trace their lineage back to Belle Meade.

As part of the tour, we saw more than a dozen old carriages used by the folks who lived in the mansion.

Walking through the stables where the horses once lived was very neat. There were even some old-fashioned feeding troughs.

On our way home, we made a quick trip to Greece to view the Parthenon...

...Or maybe it was just the full-scale replica at Centennial Park.


  1. Anonymous6/09/2017

    I love touring historic homes, and other historic sites, especially the ancient ones I've been fortunate enough to get to see in Europe. Belle Meade looks wonderful, and that dollhouse is a child's fantasy.
    My grandparents built a log cabin style playhouse in their backyard for their 5 grandchildren. It wasn't grand, but we sure did love it. I was the only one old enough to actually play when they first built it, so in my mind, they built it for me.

  2. Anonymous6/09/2017

    Thanks again for sharing another one of your very interesting excursions! You two do not sit home much! I would have liked to see the inside of the estate house/mansion. But since you at least have given me this idea I can google more about it myself now.

  3. Anonymous6/09/2017

    What a great tour. Thanks for sharing.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  4. Anonymous6/13/2017

    I always enjoy your blogs about places you and Mr H go. Many of these places I will never see and you make them come alive and rouse my curiosty to learn more about them. Thanks for the pics and info. Eileen

  5. Anonymous8/18/2017

    Wow, really interesting! Thanks for sharing this

  6. Anonymous8/18/2017

    Yes, you're an excellent writer. I look forward to visiting this place when I move near by in Huntsville, AL