Monday, September 25, 2017

Nashville Shores Treetop Adventure Park

Two weeks ago, we spent an incredible afternoon at the Nashville Shores Treetop Adventure Park. Have you ever been to an aerial park? This facility has a children's course for ages 7-9, two easy courses for ages 9-adult, and two challenge courses for ages 12-adult.

It took us nearly four hours to complete all four courses, but it was a blast. Growing up, I did several aerial courses (including one in the hills of Quebec, Canada) so I was thrilled to share this experience with Mr. Handsome.

The resort has approximately 100 aerial challenges (bridges, tightropes, Tarzan jumps, swings, cargo nets, and more) as well as a handful of zip lines.

As we made our way through the park, the challenges became increasingly difficult. 

The Tarzan jump was Mr. Handsome's favorite. You clip yourself onto a hanging rope and then launch yourself off a platform toward a cargo net.

Then you have to climb up the cargo net to reach the next platform.

My favorite challenge was a long tightrope with large metal rings that you have to climb through.

My least favorite challenge was the row of small hanging rings. I thought it would be a breeze, but it ended up being very difficult. In order to move my feet from ring to ring, I had to push myself harder than I ever had before. My abs were crying by the end of it.

After we completed the aerial challenges, we finished the day with the two longest zip lines. What a great reward! 

I am not a fan of heights, but there was not one minute that I felt unsafe. For those who want to attempt the aerial park but are unsure whether they will be able to complete the courses, I encourage you to give it a try. The staff is able to bring you down at any time, should you begin to panic. We loved our experience at the Treetop Adventure Park, and we hope to return soon!


  1. Anonymous9/25/2017

    That looks like 100 accidents waiting to happen.....

  2. Anonymous9/25/2017

    Looks like a blast! I love zip lining through forests, it feels like you're flying like a bird up there in the trees.

  3. It look fun! I would love to try it.

  4. Anonymous9/25/2017

    Wow you two are adventurous! I'd love to try, but I would definitely chicken out.

  5. Anonymous9/25/2017

    Mr. Handsome had his mouth open on the Tarzan jump. Was he doing the Tarzan yell? Couldn't do this, because I'm terrified of heights, but you two look like you were having fun...Jane

    1. Haha, he didn't do the Tarzan yell, although I told him afterwards that he should have.


  6. Since I don't like heights, I would be screaming "Oh the horror! The horror!"
    But I'm glad you two had a blast.

  7. Anonymous9/26/2017

    This looks like fun! I’m probably not fit enough to make it through four courses though!

  8. Anonymous9/27/2017

    I have to say you two are absolutely sweet together and looks like you both have a lot of fun on adventures together, that is so wonderful, what a fun marriage you have!