Sunday, October 29, 2017

Volunteering at VBS

I have been reading through the feedback that you all submitted on my Ask Ellie 2.0 post and noticed that a couple readers asked if Mr. Handsome and I have done any volunteering. One thing I have enjoyed doing since moving to Nashville is helping out with Vacation Bible School.

Growing up, my older brother and I always loved attending VBS. We would bring home the cassette tapes of the theme songs and play them 24/7 for weeks. (I still remember the lyrics to this day!) Sadly, many VBS programs these days don't give out physical copies of the songs because they expect the kids to be able to access them on YouTube, but that's the way of our world.

With all the wonderful memories I made at VBS as a child, I was thrilled to get involved in our church's program. This year, we used LifeWay's Galactic Starveyors program, and I taught Kindergarten.

To decorate my classroom, I used the wall decorations provided by LifeWay and then came up with additional ideas by browsing Pinterest.

On Amazon, I found a few cheap, plastic tablecloths to hang on the walls.

In the story time corner, I set up a large piece of cardboard to create sort of a "clubhouse." I also planned to have the kids color on the cardboard when we had downtime, but our week was so jam-packed that we hardly had a chance.

And what's a galaxy theme without incorporating the cheesy phrase "out of this world"?

On the door, I created this rocket ship out of butcher paper.

Volunteering at VBS was a blast. I had 15 Kindergarteners, with two teen helpers to assist me. A few weeks later, I was thrilled to see two of my kids (siblings, although they were 10 months apart) at a random event 40 minutes away. Although I wasn't sure they would remember me, I decided to approach their mother. I hadn't met her, as their aunt had dropped them off and picked them up all week, but after I told her who I was, she was very happy that I had said something.

Have any of you been involved in VBS? 


  1. Anonymous10/29/2017

    I love working with kids, 15 5 year olds must have been exhausting but fun! Also, they're adorable and love learning at that age.

  2. Yes when I was a teen and then when my children were little. When they became teenagers they got to be VBS volunteers. It was a great way for them to give back to the community.

  3. Anonymous10/30/2017

    Yes, as a teen and a 20 something I was a VBS volunteer for many summers and enjoyed every minute of it. My children also attended.

  4. Anonymous10/30/2017

    Never been involved with VBS, but have been involved with children's church. Ellie, thanks for sharing...Jane

  5. Anonymous10/30/2017

    I was forced to go to VBS as a kid because my mom taught a class every year. I didn't like going "to school" on my summer vacation. One day during VBS, I'd had it with coloring Bible pictures. There was no intellectual stimulation in that. I said I was going to the bathroom, but I took off. Found my mother's classroom and hung out there. Anything to get out of coloring. Ten minutes later, there's commotion in the hallway as the other teachers were running around looking for me, the infamous VBS "runaway."

  6. Anonymous10/30/2017

    No VBS for me, but i’ve volunteered at a warming shelter for homeless people for the last 9 years, and will soon begin my 10th season. We open when the temperatures become life threatening.
    Last winter 5 people froze to death in a city about 100 miles to the North of us, but no one has frozen to death here since the winter before we opened. We are named in memory of the man that died that year.

  7. Shela G10/30/2017

    Yes I have helped in VBS in one way or another several times. I have not done it for awhile though. I teach 3rd,4th and 5th grade girls on Sunday nights.
    Working with kids brings me so much joy!!

  8. Anonymous10/30/2017

    You did a great display at the VBS.

  9. Anonymous10/31/2017

    I have attended VBS every year since I was an infant and as far as I remember always loved it ! I looked forward to it every summer. Once I got in my late teens I started helping out in classes. First few years 2 & 3 year olds. The last 3 or 4 years I was with the 7-9 age group and this year I helped with the 4-6 age group. It's all been fun. I am thankful to God for these opportunities! Children are so great ❤

  10. Anonymous10/31/2017

    Never been to VBS. They didn't have it when I was growing up. I rather be at home playing with my friends or watching tv then go to VBS.

  11. Anonymous11/01/2017

    It's wonderful you are teaching the children! Some people say let the kids decide for themselves when they grow up, that is a messed up plan. Or a plan to mess up.