Saturday, November 4, 2017

Machine Falls and Civil War Trenches

One of the reasons I enjoy working from home is the flexibility that it provides. Two weeks ago, while a teacher friend of mine was on fall break, we spent a weekday morning hiking at Machine Falls, a trail southeast of Nashville.

The trail is in the middle of nowhere, and when we arrived at 8am, we were the only people there. (We were both glad that we hadn't gone alone.) The Machine Falls Loop is only 1.6 miles, although we ventured onto a few offshoot trails.

We came across a few smaller waterfalls before arriving at the main attraction. 

Machine Falls, the largest waterfall along the trail, is what everyone comes to see. When we arrived, we sat down to enjoy a snack while taking in the beauty of the falls.

On our way back to the parking lot, we came across an old foundation, probably from a cabin of some sort.

On the same day, we also stopped in Murfreesboro at the Stones River National Battlefield. Now a beautiful park, it was the location of the Battle of Stones River, one of the bloodiest conflicts of the Civil War.

With Major General William S. Rosecrans commanding the Union forces and General Braxton Bragg in charge of the Confederate forces, the battle began on New Year's Eve 1862 and lasted until January 2nd, 1863. Although just a three-day battle, there were more than 23,000 casualties.

Mr. Handsome and I had visited the battlefield once before, and my favorite part was walking through the trenches that were used by the soldiers. Although they are not nearly as deep as they were 150 years ago, they are still very visible.

These photos aren't great, but I'll share them anyways. In the first picture, I am standing in the trenches. The yellow lines in the second snapshot show where the trenches are.


  1. Anonymous11/04/2017

    Working from home? What exactly do you do and who pays you?

    1. Anonymous11/04/2017

      I hope I'm wrong but for some reason your question almost sounds accusing. Perhaps that's just the way it comes across when online.

    2. Anonymous11/05/2017

      Good question. Can you make a living from blogging like this?

    3. Anonymous11/05/2017

      I'm also wondering what you actually do for a paycheck, if you consider yourself working from home. Your book isn't finished. Is someone paying you to blog?

    4. Anonymous11/06/2017

      I was wondering what this meant as well. You never mentioned having a career. What is it?

    5. I work from home on a number of ventures, some that pay, others that don't. :)


    6. You “anonymous” people are so rude!!! It is none of your business to know what Ellie does, if she gets paid, or how much! I cannot believe people have so little manners anymore that they think they can ask questions like this and that they deserve an answer. What job(s) Ellie does She does NOT owe an explanation to any of you! I teach music lessons and every time I talked with someone near to me, they would ask how many lessons I had and what I charged/how much I made! That is not your place to ask! I do not pry into others income or wages, so why do you feel allowed to pry into others? How many of you would be willing to post your income? Openly. Not behind some fake anonymous pseudonym! I bet there won’t be many volunteers. So, unless you’re also willing to tell what you earn and how, let’s not throw this kinds of invasive questions at the owner of this blog, thank you very much. Remember, Jesus says let those without sin cast the first stone. I think we can apply that to this situation.

  2. Anonymous11/04/2017

    Another interesting blog Ellie! You live in an area full of rich history that seems so accessible. Enjoyed reading and looking at the pics. Eileen

  3. Ellie it looks like you had a nice time. I enjoy visiting historical places.

  4. Anonymous11/05/2017

    I love reading all these historical places you find and visit, and always love your photos. Everything you do I find interesting...Jane

  5. Anonymous11/06/2017

    The walk was another interesting one, with beautiful scenery! The historical site was also fascinating. Personally I think retired people should comprise armies, that would make more sense to me. I'd rather give up my old worn out life than have a young man give up his. What cvomplete and total nonsense, it makes me sick.