Monday, November 20, 2017

Peacock Painting

It has been a while since I've shared one of Mr. Handsome's paintings. Earlier this year, I showed you the flamingo that he gave me for Valentine's Day, but I don't believe I have posted the peacock. He gained his inspiration from a picture of a peacock with its feathers spread out that I took as a child.

During a recent visit, my father-in-law saw the flamingo and peacock paintings and told us that those were his favorites of all Mr. Handsome's paintings. I was surprised, as I didn't peg him as a bird lover (I expected him to choose one of the ships or country scenes), but I'm thrilled to see him enjoying Mr. Handsome's art.


  1. Anonymous11/20/2017

    Peacocks and their feathers are considered bad luck in some cultures, did you know? The spots are supposedly the "evil eyes" that are always watching you. It's also considered bad luck to have a peacock feather on stage in a play, same reason. Little bit of peacock trivia.

    Does Mr. H hang ever these in the dental office?

  2. Anonymous11/20/2017

    I really like Mr H's interpretation of your photo. His painting has a bit of an Asian feel to it. Where were you when you took the photo of the peacock Ellie? Eileen

  3. Anonymous11/20/2017


  4. Anonymous11/21/2017

    The painting is beautiful! Mr Handsome's talent keeps growing. How many paintings has he done, does he count? Would love to see a video tutorial of him actually painting one!

  5. What a gift Mr Handsome has! The painting is beautiful.

  6. Anonymous11/23/2017

    Beautiful painting, I bet Mr. Handsome was proud as a peacock when he finish his painting.Lol I went back to look at the flamingo, that's my favorite...Jane

  7. Anonymous11/24/2017

    Mr Handsome's focus brings to light the creator's amazing creation! The Peacock and the picture and the painting are all delightful, praise God snd thank-you both for sharing!