Wednesday, January 10, 2018


A while ago, one of my readers asked if I play any instruments. As many of you know, Mr. Handsome is very musical. I have shared videos of him playing guitar and banjo (his main instruments) as well as violin. He never ceases to amaze me with his musical ability, and I love listening to him. (Below is a video of Mr. Handsome playing "Amazing Grace" on a 300-year-old violin.)

Over Christmas, we were visiting someone who had a piano. Mr. Handsome took classical piano as a child, but it had been at least eight or ten years since he had played a single note. Well, he sat down and performed, from memory, a beautiful rendition of "Jesus Paid It All." He isn't great at reading music, but he has an excellent ear.

Now as far as my musical ability goes, I grew up taking violin lessons. I started in fourth grade and continued into my first year of high school, but when my family ran into financial struggles, I decided that the strain I would be placing on my parents by continuing music lessons was not worth it. I continued to pick up my instrument from time to time and play for fun. One of my college roommates was also a violinist (as were several of the three dozen girls I lived with), and the two of us enjoyed playing duets during our study breaks.

When Mr. Handsome and I got married, I attempted to learn the mandolin, which has the same strings as the violin. It's a fun instrument, but I quickly realized that there were just too many other things vying for my attention to justify investing the amount of time necessary to learn a new instrument.

As a side note, I also took singing lessons for a year during college

Do you play an instrument? Or perhaps you're a singer?


  1. I used to play alto recorder. I actually learned when my daughters started taking music classes. I haven't played in about five years and I really miss it.

  2. Anonymous1/10/2018

    What a nice blog. I really enjoy hearing about you and Mr. H as individuals. You are both quite interesting people. I hope you will be able to introduce children you have to music as well. I cannot play any instruments. I was introduced to the harpsichord in junior high and found it a really nice instrument. I have been singing in choirs since elementary school and love it. Eileen

  3. I used to play piano when I was 5-9 before moving to Ecuador. After which, the ability to play dwindled down since there weren't many or any piano teachers in our community.
    As far as singing goes, I enjoy doing it for fun, but I've yet to learn how to properly sing in tune.

  4. Anonymous1/11/2018

    Sing terrible. At church I just move my mouth to the words.Lol. Always wanted to learn to play the piano, but my parents couldn't afford lessons. In my late thirties I bought a used piano. Took piano lessons for six months, quit because it was hard. Sold the piano and got $100.00 more than what I paid for it. I had bought the piano and sold it myself, no help from anybody. I thought I should go into sales.Lol. I do love listening to music, if it's somebody playing a instrument or singing...Jane

  5. I played the piano as a child. And then I played the French horn 6th grade through 12th grade

  6. Anonymous1/11/2018

    There is something so beautiful about a song played solo on a violin, and I really enjoyed that.
    I was camping once, and as I was going to sleep, someone at another campsite was playing the violin without accompaniment. It was a profoundly beautiful experience.
    I hope Mr Handsome has regular access to all of the instruments he plays, and I hope at some point you get back to learning to play the mandolin. Music makes life so much richer.

  7. Anonymous1/11/2018

    This has nothing to do with the post, but my cousin had a baby girl and I suggested the name Ellie and she loved it! She was born two weeks ago, and her name is Ely Rae :)

    1. How sweet! I'm flattered. And what a beautiful middle name.


  8. Anonymous1/11/2018

    Unfortunately, I do not play any instrument. I do have a guitar but never took lessons. I enjoy singing but only non professional. You should try to make time to continue the violin. A musical ability is a gift from God. Mr. Handsome sure is talented. Thank You for sharing his musical abilities.

  9. I just love to sing! I sing with my 3 daughters-one is a teenager and the other 2 are tweens. We sing acapella. No instruments. Just harmonize with soprano, alto, and tenor or switch the voices around with low soprano, tenor, and high alto. It's fun! We mostly sing gospel.

  10. Anonymous1/11/2018

    I play electronic guitar, acoustic guitar, ukulele, and violin.

  11. Cheryl1/11/2018

    I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I took vocal lessons during my elementary and high school years and always was entered into our local music festivals. I am in my church choir and have been since I was about 10 yrs old, and sing solos, duets with male or female, and small group ensembles. I play piano (not well), but I can get through a number of duets with our organist and we had a very busy Christmas season with those. I also sing with our local ladies' choir. During high school I played the bassoon. I love its' tone.

  12. Anonymous1/11/2018

    I play piano I like to play with chords and I play christian music I also sing christian songs God gives us all talents and we should all thank Him for that! God Bless!

  13. Anonymous1/11/2018

    I play piano I like to play with chords and I play christian music I also sing christian songs God gives us all talents and we should all thank Him for that! God Bless!

  14. Anonymous1/11/2018

    Thank-you Mr H. for playing the song on the video, I enjoyed that! And thank-you Ellie for sharing about your music experiences. Music is more or less cultivated by people. I'm not musical and of very limited ability when it comes to playing or singing. But I think there is a special kind of simple music that is for each and everyone and that is to praise and worship God through music. That kind of music is not a competition or performance, but just a way for everyone in any circumstance to always turn their focus and love to God! Who we should always try to give thanks to and always try to love more than we love our own self. That is a greater command and challenge than just learning to play an instrument or sing music.

  15. Anonymous1/12/2018

    I don't play any instruments but I do sing. I'm part of my church's choir.