Monday, February 19, 2018

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

fixer upper construction work
Several months ago, my brother-in-law purchased a fixer-upper house in the Nashville area. My father-in-law loves house projects, so he has spent quite a few weekends helping with flooring, painting, and landscaping. The two of them have done the bulk of the work, but the rest of us have chipped in, as well. (Last fall, I spent hours in the yard pulling out many years worth of weeds and overgrown vines.)

This weekend was especially exciting because we laid the last of the flooring. Before my father-in-law took all his power tools home, Mr. Handsome used them to build me a bookshelf.

As many of you know, I've been spending my free time refinishing our furniture (Mr. Handsome jokes that nothing in our home is safe from my dark walnut stain). I have been searching for a used, solid wood bookshelf to replace the junky one we currently have, but I haven't had any success, so my talented husband decided to make me one for Valentine's Day.

It was quite the project and took many more hours than either of us had predicted, but it looks spectacular. (I'll post a photo after I finish staining it.)

Between cutting boards for the bookshelf and cutting flooring pieces, we produced an impressive amount of sawdust, but when it came time to clean up, everyone pitched in, and we were able to leave my brother-in-law with a clean house.

making a bookshelf

DIY bookshelf

homemade bookshelf



  1. Anonymous2/19/2018

    Looking forward to the finished bookshelf. Mr. Handsome is one talented man.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  2. Wow wonderful, Ellie! I'm sure it will turn out awesome! I love reading about your projects/adventures. You and mr handsome sure make quite the team!

  3. Anonymous2/19/2018

    Interesting how you all work together. I guess Mr Handsome likes to be a craftsman too, along with his brother and Dad! Looking forward to seeing it finished!

  4. Anonymous2/20/2018

    I am taking break from house cleaning to see what Ellie and Mr H are up to! See that you are just as busy as my husband and I! I love the family support, togetherness, and working together you two do with your extended family members. It is just wonderful. I hope your bro in law has not had any more trouble with break ins. His house looks really nice and so does your bookcase. Pieces made by those we love are so very special. We have a rocking chair from Gary's great grandmother. You have inspired me to try to sand it down and restain it. But I am waiting for summer to do it outside.:) Looking forward to seeing your bookcase done. It is a beautiful piece Ellie.

    1. Anonymous2/20/2018

      This was my comment. Eileen

  5. Anonymous2/20/2018

    Is the brother in law "available"?