Saturday, April 21, 2018

Spicy Fried Fish Recipe

As a couple that enjoys fishing, Mr. Handsome and I are always looking for new ways to cook our catches. Nashville is famous for hot (spicy) friend chicken, so we created a similar recipe for fried fish. We use crappie or bass, but you can use any type of fish.

Nashville Wife's Spicy Fried Fish

Oil (Canola works well)
4-6 fish fillets

3/4 cup flour
1 Tablespoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon salt

Milk Mixture:
1 egg, beaten
1/4 cup milk
3 Tablespoons hot sauce*

Glaze (optional):
1/2 cup butter
1 Tablespoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon paprika

*We use Frank's Hot Sauce because, unlike most brands of hot sauce, it is free of artificial preservatives.


Fill a fry pan with just enough oil to allow the fillets to be covered. (Do not add the fillets yet.)

Heat the oil over medium heat, keeping it covered with a splatter screen. Test it by flicking one tiny drop of water onto the surface of oil. If it crackles and pops, you know it's ready. 

Warning: Do not flick more than one tiny drop of water onto the oil. Oil and water do not mix. If you add any significant amount of water, you will create an explosion. 

Combine the breading ingredients in one shallow bowl and the milk mixture ingredients in another shallow bowl. Adjust the amounts of cayenne and hot sauce to fit your tastes. This recipe is only moderately spicy.

Rinse fish fillets, and remove all bones.

Dip each fish fillet in the milk mixture and then in the breading. Make sure fillets are fully coated with breading. Place fillets into hot oil. Cook until both sides are golden brown, flipping once if needed.

To test if fish is fully cooked, remove a piece from the oil, and cut into it with a fork. If the white fish meat flakes, it is ready to eat. We like ours with ranch dressing (MSG-free ranch).

The glaze is optional, but if you wish to try it, mix all three ingredients in a separate, small fry pan, until combined.


  1. Anonymous4/21/2018

    I’m glad to see you promoting food items free of artificial ingredients. I avoid them too and it’s why I do a lot of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. They keep their products natural!!

    1. Anonymous4/21/2018

      I find it interesting that she mentions no preservatives and no MSG in one breath, but suggests using canola oil in the other. Have any of you researched canola oil?

    2. Anonymous4/27/2018

      Theirs nothing wrong with canola oil. It's healthy for you

  2. Anonymous4/22/2018

    If you put a tiny chunk of bread into the hot pan to test it, it keeps that oil & water explosion from happening. If the bread begins to toast like a crouton, the oil is ready. That's the way I was taught both at home and at school. No flicking or popping needed.

  3. Anonymous4/22/2018

    I wish people would quit being so critical of things you say on your blog Ellie, it seems some have such a strong need to be "right" that it gets in the way of anything nice they could have chosen to say to you instead.You are one classy and gracious young lady Ellie, for being able to overlook things and thank you for your wonderful recipes and travel pics and vlogs and Mr H's paintings and vlogs of him playing his instruments and your awesome diy blog posts! I love it all, thank you!

  4. Anonymous4/23/2018

    Your blog is refreshing, informative and takes us to places we might never be able to go. For example, your trip to the Canadian Rockies. I have never been there & have always wanted to go. Loved the beautiful scenery & wild flowers. Not only did I get to see it but it brought back many memories of hiking the mountains where I grew up. I, too, wish people would be less critical and harsh. In social media, it is easy for people to hide behind their screens. While agreeing with everyone & everything is not the answer, we can have our own opinions. It’s the delivery of those opinions that matters. Being kind and thoughtful in our conversation is so important. I agree with the previous post that you are “a very classy & gracious young lady”. Thank you for your example. I enjoy all of your blogs and appreciate your hard work. ~C

  5. Anonymous4/23/2018

    You should not cook with canola oil. There are better oils out there. Food tastes better with olive oil, and it is much healthier.

    1. Anonymous4/25/2018

      Olive oil is not good for frying. It burns before it gets hot enough to fry food.


    2. Anonymous4/25/2018

      I saute food in olive oil all the time.

  6. I am not a fish lover despite reeeeeally trying when we lived in Alaska. However, I do cook it for my family & have found safflower oil works well at high temps. I've also read that using a stainless steel pan helps keep the taste purer than a non-stick one. At any rate, I will keep your recipe in mind; thank you for sharing!