Ellie's Life

Here are the links to past posts about my personal life. Enjoy!

How I Met Mr. Handsome Part 1
How I Met Mr. Handsome Part 2
How I Met Mr. Handsome Part 3
Vlog #1
Marrying Young
Lessons in Marriage 
Is it Really a Big Deal?

Wedding & Honeymoon
Christmas at Opryland Hotel
Favorite Wedding Gifts
Wedding Pics, Take One
Wedding Pics, Take Two
Grand Cayman Honeymoon

Early Valentine's Dinner
Our One-Year Anniversary
3 Attributes
Valentine's Day Trip to Chattanooga
Date Nights
Husband Happy Meals
Discount Anniversary Trip
How I Met My Husband
Our First Date

Our Travels
East TN and West NC
Canadian Rockies Day 1 
Canadian Rockies Day 2 
Canadian Rockies Day 3 
Canadian Rockies Day 4
Moraine Lake
Icefields Parkway Part 1
Athabasca Glacier 
Icefields Parkway Part 2
Icefields Parkway Part 3/Jasper  
Story, Indiana
Our Encounter with MLK
Santa Rosa Beach Part 1
Santa Rosa Beach Part 2
Lion Bears its Teeth on Command
Memphis Snapshots
Peabody Duck March 
Exploring Mexico Part 1
Exploring Mexico Part 2 
New Orleans Audubon Zoo
New Orleans French Quarter
Nashville Wife Camps Out 
20 Hours in San Francisco 
Redwood Forest
Oregon Coast
Multnomah Falls, Oregon 
Nashville Zoo at Grassmere 
The ARK Encounter
6-Mile Canoe Trip 

In and Around Nashville
Hidden History at Hidden Lake
Rock Island State Park

Belle Meade
Burgess Falls and Cummins Falls

Mr. Handsome
Ship Paintings
Rocky Mountain Paintings
Bird Paintings for Mother's Day
Cardinal Painting
Homemade Wedding Gift For My Brother
Just Like Bob Ross
3 Peaceful Landscapes and a Stormy Sea
Gift Ideas for Musicians
Gift Ideas for Your Outdoorsman 

Our Extended Family
Desert Scenes with Sisters
Mr. Handsome's Great-Grandmother
Painting with Mae and Lena
Christmas Gift Card Exchange
Catherine's Engagement
Thanksgiving 2016 Table for 25 
Ice Skating with Mr. Handsome's Siblings
Quality Time With Sisters
Thoughtful Christmas Gifts
Christmas Traditions
Thanksgiving 2015 Table for 19
Our Niece
Dinner in Chicago

Mr. Handsome's Guitar Version of "Silent Night"
Mr. Handsome's Guitar Version of "Away in a Manger"
My Husband the Banjo Player: "Foggy Mountain Breakdown"
"Flash Flood" (An Original Banjo Tune)
Mr. Handsome's Version of "Amazing Grace" on Violin

Our Wedding March

My Favorites
20 Random Facts About Ellie
Favorite Clothing Stores
Favorite Board Games 
Favorite Things
Favorite Song
Book of Bible Verses

Family Projects
Family Craft Day: Sewing Infinity Scarves

My Interview with the FBI
Reciting Pi
My College Years 
My Two-Year-Old Self 
My Homeschool Journey
Not Feeling the Christmas Cheer

Makeup Tutorial
My WWII Book
Celebrating 200 Posts
Working from Home
Magnificent Meal Monday
The Story of My Blogs

In Honor of Nancy Reagan


  1. Ellie, I really appreciate your sharing your life and the updates on the Bates and Duggars-they are precious families who have allowed themselves to be used of the LORD in such a public way. We have an enemy that desires to steal and kill and destroy. Our GOD is in the work of Redemption and GRace. Again, thank you for your labor of Love in keeping us informed. It is much appreciated (we no longer get the UP station).

    Love in our LORD,

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Carol. I'm blessed to have you as a reader. :)


  2. Anonymous12/18/2015

    Thanks Ellie! this makes stuff so easier to look up!