DIY Wedding Planning

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Let Love Grow Bridal Shower
Music-Themed Bridal Shower
Fall-Themed Wedding Shower
Adventure/Travel Themed Wedding Shower 
Purse Raid Bridal Shower Game
Shoe Q&A Bridal Shower Game 
Pinterest-Perfect Spring Wedding Shower
How to Plan a Clean Bachelor Party
Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Photo Book

Spring Wedding Part 1
Spring Wedding Part 2 
DIY New Year's Eve Wedding Reception
DIY Fancy Wedding Reception
DIY Autumn Wedding Reception
DIY Outdoor Summer Wedding Reception Part 1
DIY Outdoor Summer Wedding Reception Part 2
DIY Wedding Food

DIY Fancy Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding Ceremony Decor
Decor for a Fisherman's Wedding/Beach Theme

My Vintage Wedding Dress
Bargain on Bridesmaid Dresses

General Wedding Planning
Top Wedding Planning Tips
Our Wedding Vows
Wedding Planning: A Family Affair
Repainting the Barn
Wedding Flowers

East Coast Wedding Pictures Part 1

Wedding Gift Made with Love
Wedding Card Box


  1. Anonymous9/10/2015

    Don't you promise us more wedding pictures :-) lol !!!! ;-) I would love to see them if you want to post :-)

  2. Anonymous9/16/2015

    You should post pictures of your wedding party. Would love to see all the bridesmaid dresses! God Bless

  3. Anonymous9/26/2015

    Do you know the Duggars and Bates families? Do they know you write a blog about them? Are you the same religion? Do you go to the same church as the Bates?

    1. Hi there,

      We know the Bates and Duggar families personally, and we have their blessing to blog about them. We are all Bible-believing Christians, but we don't live close enough to attend the same church.


    2. Anonymous9/28/2015

      what state do you live in? or if you would rather not tell what area? south, west, east, north?

  4. Anonymous3/23/2018

    I was thinking you could have a seperate heading for gift ideas. People could say what the favorite gifts to give and recieve were in their experience. And if you dared, some things that people gave or received that were not appreciated.

  5. Anonymous3/23/2018

    Also an addition to the comment on the wedding gifts, people could vote or respond if an idea, especially for the less obvious choices, was a good idea or something hat they wouldb't want o get or give and why.